Hello! My name is Max and this is my website for my awesome IB Theatre SL Class. My goals for this course are to get a little more comfortable in my skin and to work on my improvisational skills as well as learning more about the roles in a production, both on and off the stage. I am excited for the opportunities that this class will give me and hope my colleagues feel the same. Please take a moment to have a look around the site and have a good day!

I have an interest in designing sets for plays, or for other stage performances. This is an overhead of the stage at Olympic college, a location that has been used by West Sound Academy's theatre group. I hope to design a set for it one day.

The Origins of Theatre

At this moment, I believe that Else's Theory of Spontaneous Generation is the most compelling of the five origin theories. When thinking about how theatre may have begun I always end up at storytelling, the keystone of Else's Theory. My mind drifts to the cave paintings that have been found all over Europe, with some dating back to almost 40,000 years ago. The cave paintings show that even all those years ago, some part of mankind was compelled to recount and recreate the beasts they hunted. Even if this is not the first instance of storytelling, it demonstrates that storytelling has always been a part of the human story, and like the animals of old this too evolves over thousands of years, when finally Thespis steps out of the chorus to fully take on the storytelling in a new perspective, one that we now call theatre. While this timeline may not be accurate, the central theme in all of it is the idea of storytelling, the very same center that is shared by Else's Theory. I find it most plausible that theatre evolved from storytelling, which is why I believe that Else's Theory is the closest possible explanation to the true origin of theatre.

As seen on the National Geographic website (ngm.nationalgeographic.com), cave paintings could be the first evidence of storytelling, which may be the precursor to modern theatre as we know it